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We are Back!!

Axis of Anarchy - is back to do what we do best and that is PvP with casual raiding! The best news is, we are recruiting.  My guild has a plethora of players that are knowledgable with PvP in both Arena's and BG's, along with raiders that have experience all the way back to Vanilla WoW.

PvP - We already are running Pre-made BG's, and plan to be a leader in PvP when Cataclysm comes out; with that being said, guild ranks are based on PvPing and Arena ratings.  No politics here just straight shooting, your ability = your rank!

Raiding - We have members with Raiding Experience that dates from MC all the to ICC.  We do plan to raid when Cataclysm launch and we are geared for those dungeons. 

If this Guild is something you think you might be interested in please do both of the following.
1.  Apply on this website
2.  /w Chrollor or Dazaric in game.

Chrollor - Draenor
Other Guild News

This weeks news to the Anarchist

Chrollor2, Nov 2, 10 8:35 PM.
Hello Anarchist!

        This weeks news and focus is as follows.

1.  I am actively looking for 2 people to lead Battle grounds, along with another 5-10 Solid PvPers to go with the ones we already have so we have a solid choice of partners with Cataclysm launchs and arena's begin. 

2.  I am starting to recruit for a Raid Team or even 2.  

        Those are my two focuses for this week if you know anyone who would be interested in this please let me know.

Chrollor - Draenor
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